Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well I thought it would be a good thing to cover repentance based on the past things I have posted because, all the other posts topics lead up to repentance.  So repentance is to have a change of heart and a willingness to move forward and not look back on what you have done.  With that being said the first step to repentance is to recognize and admit that what you have done is wrong.  With out that first step taking place none of the other steps will work or fall into place so doing that first step is so crutial. Second you have to be sorry that you have done something wrong most of the time we will feel guilt or other feelings but we will know that we were wrong in doing that thing. Third you need to confess your sins to your Father in Heaven and to those people you might have affected by what you did wrong.  Fourth you will want to correct or compensate the best you can. If it means paying for a candy bar you stole or if it means telling someone the truth when you lied to them there are so many ways to correct the situations we put our selfs into we just need to do our part and find the way to correct what we have done wrong.  Fifth and final step is the hardest one of all, Never do it again.  Its simple yes but hard at the same time. we need to turn away from what we have done wrong and stop doing those things and never do them again! Then we can all feel of the joy that comes from being worthy to have the spirit with us.

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