Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Year

Its a new year almost and i cant think of a better time to start a journal and come closer to Jesus Christ. we should always be striving to come closer to Christ but at the beginning of a new year we can refocus our efforts and strive to be more diligent in doing all those things the lord has asked of us.  When i think of starting the new year its almost like having a change of heart and we are going to make a bunch of new goals and try to do everything we can to obtain them. but with out the lords help we wont be able to obtain them all. thats why i turn to the lord at the beginning of this new year and ask him what things i could improve on with his help. then set goals that would be good for us as individuals. Alma 19:33
And it came to pass that when Ammon arose he also administered unto them, and also did all the servants of Lamoni; and they did all declare unto the people the selfsame thing—that their hearts had been changed that they had no more desire to do evil